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Primer (Introduction to Marketing Metrics)

This primer (introduction) is especially for marketing, advertising and PR people who have not studied marketing metrics and have had little or no experience implementing it. This is where to start.

Marketing Metrics Primer 
Marketing Metrics Process 
Defining Your Potential Results 
Assessing Your Potential Results 
Assessing Other Sales Opportunities 
Assessing In Special Situations 
Tracking Results Forward 
Tracking Results Backward 
Tracking in Special Situations 
Optimizing Your Marketing Program 
Marketing Research

Measuring What You Did (Advertising)

There are seven popular advertising metrics that measure what you did, as opposed to what your audience did. They are navigational metrics; that is to say, they can help you steer your program toward higher profitability, but they cannot measure profitability.

Advertising Metrics 
Gross Rating Points (GRPs)
Target Rating Points (TRPs)
Cost per Thousand (CPM)
Cost per Point (CPP)
Types of Advertising
Online Advertising

Measuring What You Did (Public Relations)

There are five popular public relations metrics that measure what you did, as opposed to what your audience did. They are navigational metrics; that is to say, they can help you steer your program toward higher profitability, but they cannot measure profitability.

PR Metrics 
Clip Counting 
Media Impressions 
Accuracy of Coverage 
Content Analysis 
Advertising Value Equivalency 

Measuring What Your Audience Thought

Your audience’s thoughts about your communications, as opposed to their actions. Actions are covered under "Measuring What They Did."

Measuring What They Thought 
Burke Test 
Starch Tests 
Eye Movements 
Message Testing 
Editorial Survey 

Measuring What Your Audience Did

The actions your audience’s took after seeing or hearing your communications, as opposed to their thoughts.

Measuring What They Did 
Readership Survey 
Public Survey 
Tracking Backward 
Tracking Forward 
Tracking Codes 
Track Press Releases 
Track Creatively 
Split Testing and Rotation 

Profitability (ROI)

What ROI/ROMI is, how to calculate it, which metrics and tools directly measure it, and how to share the credit for causing it to increase.

How to Figure ROI/ROMI 
Types of Metrics 
Share the Credit for ROI/ROMI

Marketing Metrics Implementation

How to get started on a new measurement system. How to decide the speed and pattern of building it, based on the size, market position, and management style of your organization.

Marketing Metrics Implementation 
Marketing Metrics Implementation Example 
Marketing Metrics Implementation Advice 
Be Reasonable 
Metrics and CEOs 
List of Metrics and Tools

Barriers to Accuracy

"Barriers to Accuracy" is a brief overview of four things that can go wrong in marketing research and market research. Unfortunately, these barriers are often overlooked, at great cost. 

Four Barriers 
Faulty Memory 
Nonresponse Bias 
Dishonest Answers 
Unisex Bathrooms 

Boosting Your Career

"Boosting Your Career" is an essay that shows you how to get ahead by proving to senior management that your marketing program pays for itself and improves the bottom line. Practical advice based on my many years in the battlefields of ROI.

Three Ways to Boost Your Career 
Boost 1 
Boost 2 
Boost 3 
Don't Wait Too Long 

Blind Spots

"Blind Spots" is a guide to overcoming counter-productive attitudes that can prevent you from measuring your ROI. Although the examples in this guide are anonymous, they are all real-life marketing people.

Marketing Metrics Blind Spots 
Marketing Metrics Defeatism 
Marketing Metrics Perfectionism 
Marketing Metrics Traditionalism 

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